Writing a book proposal

Once you have a manuscript, it is time to write a book proposal. A book proposal includes the title of your book, its’ overview, category of which it fits into, the book’s format (exact size and dimension), its' audience, comparable titles, an about the author segment, endorsements that can be included in your book, marketing opportunities and ideas for your book launch, and any concept art if made. Whether self-publishing or going the traditional publishing route, a book proposal helps create vision and makes the structure of your book clear for other illustrators and editors!


Finding an illustrator

You are looking for artwork to be made for your book. The cover, the title page, the interior, the sleeve of your book, and the back of your book, all require some sort of consistent and artistic design! Finding the right illustrator that fits the style you want and is also affordable can take some research. I would advise reaching out to local art students at a nearby university or college, or finding freelance artists by posting online. To do this, you will want to include your book’s proposal and any concept art!


Constructing your book

Now it’s time to construct your book. The best software to do this is Adobe InDesign because it allows you to set your book to their exact dimensions (including bleed line) and then upload the illustrations so that they fit perfectly within your text. A title page, a copyright page, and a dedication page are all to be included within the first few pages, and often times, an author and illustrator’s bio. Your cover, and book’s summary are made in separate files. Both of your book’s interior and exterior files are saved as PDF’s so that they are ready to be uploaded to your chosen publisher!


Choosing your publisher

To get ready for print, you must choose your publisher. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and IngramSpark are recommended self-publishers for starting. *Note: some print hardcopy while others do not. Once you have chosen the publisher for your book, you need to have both your PDF interior and exterior files on hand for uploading. Follow the steps before print and order a pre-view copy to see how your book looks. If it is exactly as you want, publish your book and celebrate it’s first birthday!!

To receive coaching in any of these steps for creating your book, email Janae for your first book consultation.