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Concept art is your idea drawn for the first time. It is the visual message that you want others to see and understand at first-glance.

In a story, concept art includes your lead character(s), its’ main setting, and the color palette you want your finished project to have. These visuals help make your big idea stand out to publishers, producers, agents, editors, illustrators, and even potential investors. You can use concept art in pitches, to cast vision, and to give strong direction.

Are you interested in concept art for your story? If so, here’s some things to think about:

  • Janae’s rate for concept art begins at $40/hour

  • One piece takes an estimated 7-9 hours (includes reading manuscript)

  • Artwork is sent to you via email in PDF, JPEG or PNG format (whatever is preferred), easily printable

  • Your final piece includes one free minor revision!

For copyright purposes, a small print of Janae’s signature and logo will be visible on the lower right-hand side of the artwork.

Janae is also open to doing cover art for chapter books, children’s books, and album covers.

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Author, Bethany Clemons

Being a writer, I want others to see how my words can come to life. Janae Dueck beautifully illustrated a concept art for my story. This painted a picture in the reader's mind and gave a visual of what I have written. I am very thankful for Janae, and look forward to working with her again!