How to Deal with Loss, Pain, and Inevitable Change (Through a Story)

How do we talk about things that are hard to talk about? Like for instance, going through change. That can be a hard thing to talk about for sure! But what a better way to talk about these things than through a story?

When I was little, I wrote a story about a tree going through the fall season and since then, it has been one of my favorite analogies to use when talking about change. In this story, a tree named Autumn does not like to lose his leaves. In fact, he makes it very clear that losing his leaves feels awful. I am sure we could all relate! But at the end of the day, Autumn learns something out of the ordinary, that even his “fallen leaves” can be used for good, and that this changing season is still one to celebrate. To me, I think the story of Autumn is a beautiful picture of how God makes old things new in our own lives. Just like trees going through the fall season, the change we go through, good or bad, can be used in special ways. Often, to help and inspire others!

So after, what it seems like forever since this children’s book has been out, I have finally put together a discussion guide to go with my book! Made for small groups 3+ and parents, this printable discussion guide will make talking about change a little bit easier. If you don’t yet have a copy of my book To My Falling Leaves: The Story of Autumn, don’t fret! I have made it available to you for a discounted price because I want everyone to be able to have this resource. Once you have your copy, just click on the link below and download the To My Falling Leaves: The Story of Autumn discussion guide to get the talking going. I really hope that you can appreciate Autumn’ story and learn from his character just as much as I have!

To download To My Falling Leaves: The Story of Autumn discussion guide. Click link

Janae Dueck