Never Stay Idled: Living Fearlessly


I’ve been processing and writing about this topic a lot lately but I wanted to encourage whoever is reading this w/this one thing: Your fears, whether big or small, will never change your identity. In fact, they cannot touch you or harm you in any way (even when you feel like they can). The only thing that your fears will do is rob you of your potential; stump you of your ability to achieve far more than you could ever imagine. How I see it, being fearful is like a car idled at a stop sign...if you’re not careful, it will keep you from ever accelerating to full speed again. You will remain “stopped” until time tells you to “go”. And the funny thing is? It is your choice whether to go or not. It has always been your choice. You just have to realize you want it enough. How long will fear keep you stagnant? How long will it keep you idled at its stop sign? Can you really believe there’s more ahead? Only you can answer these questions because it is your foot that is on the pedal...not mine, not your friend, nor anyone else. But today, I want to empower you with just this: you have a choice and no thought or fear can ever take that power away from you. So as your second hand passenger, I want to encourage you to use it. Press down on that pedal, accelerate past your stop sign, and get onto your road of potential. Because there is so much waiting for you! And whenever fear shows up again, just remember what you're dealing with...a dinky lil stop sign perched up on the side of the road with not a lot of say in your life.

So please, don’t let it fool you. 



FYI this is only a metaphor so I expect all of you to count 5 seconds at every stop sign, look both ways, and then continue forward with ease and a smile 

Janae Dueck