Photograph from LiShen Ye

Photograph from LiShen Ye


Alright, that's my new favorite word. You know...the word that defines your life, is tattooed on your wrist (not that I am going to do that mom) and reminds you of how you want to live. Yes, outpour, outpour, outpour. I actually don't know why I like it, I just feeI like I can resonate with it.  

Outpour means 'to flow out rapidly' or to 'pour out'. It is a beautiful verb indicating energy and motion. I think the reason why I like it so much is because of the outward movement associated with it. It is a similar characteristic to how I want to live my life, a life that is an outpour onto others. I want my life to be an outward movement of sincerity and truth. When I come into contact with people, I want to be 100% genuine, 90% present (because lets face it, I just get too darn distracted), and 110% intentional. I want to be focused, alive, and attentive to those sitting next to me, beside me, and behind me. In other words, I want to be an outpour of LIFE! 

It's funny to think how a random word like this would have such an impact. See, I have found it calming, convicting, and even empowering. It calms me when I find myself entangled with worries, reminding me to "pour out" the toxicity so that I can "pour in" the truth. It convicts me, for when I think outpour, my fears surprisingly begin to shrink as my attention is immediately shifted to those around me. "Me, me, me" quickly becomes "you, you, you" and soon even my insecurities begin to flee (wheeeee!). The word also empowers me, especially when I feel incompetent or incapable. I am instantly reminded of the unconditional love and grace I receive from above, and then my ability to reciprocate that onto others. 

Alright...I could go on and on about this word, but I want to leave enough room for you to make it your own too. I want you to ponder on it, wrestle with it, and maybe at some point apply it as I have. I hope you say it over and over and over again until it also calms you, convicts you, and then empowers you. Because lets face it, our lives were meant to be an outpour of all that is good and true! You, yes YOU, were created to be a rapid outpour onto others. And must I say, this "outpouring" releases so much of what we find draining amongst ourselves, leaving us empty but READY for nourishment. 

I for one, think it is a wonderful and freeing way to live. Outpour, outpour, outpour. 


P.S. Don't be surprised if you see it on my wrist one day 

Janae Dueck